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lndiGG Esports Protocol

A competitive gaming platform that allows your players to Play, Own & Earn and Experience a host of engaging on-chain quests, tournaments and NFTs in an existing or new game.

Engage Your Players with On-Chain Tournaments

Host on-chain tournaments and incentivize your players with rewards using the lndiGG Esports Protocol. With easy API integrations and semi-custodial wallet functionality, the lndiGG Esports Protocol is the perfect solution for game developers looking to increase player engagement and competitiveness.

Secure and Transparent Tournament System

By leveraging the power of smart contracts and the blockchain, the lndiGG Esports Protocol provides a secure and transparent tournament system. With proof of participation and reward recorded on-chain, users can be sure that their rewards are secure and the process is transparent.

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Customizable Reward System

The lndiGG Esports Protocol allows game developers to customize the reward system to fit the theme and genre of their game. With leaderboard smart contracts, quests, SBTs, and NFTs, the possibilities are endless. The customizable reward system provides an exciting and immersive gameplay experience for users, increasing player engagement and retention.